Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Winter Solstice

Bright Blessings this fine Yule.

This morning I rose early with the other half, woke the dog, made a flask of hot water and made a bacon sandwich for him and a vege sausage sandwich for me.

We set off upto the Weardale to catch the last of the luna eclipse and to watch the sunrise and welcome the Sun back, and so begins the process of rebirth. The nights will begin to get shorter and the days longer, now is the time to feast and be merry and snuggle down and wait for spring to arrive. It is a time of reflection and planning the time ahead.

This year we have been truly blessed that a luna eclipse coincided with the solstice. It was a wonderful sight and not something I will ever witness again in this lifetime. Unfortunately my camera would not show what I saw and made the large moon shrink to almost a dot. I'm glad I was able to witness such an wonderful phenomena.

I love watching the sunrise, I miss it most of the time as I also love my bed and when in my bed the bed wins. However as it was such a special solstice this time round I made the effort to go find a spot high(ish) up to view the light coming back to the earth.

Today I'm a little blissed by the whole thing. I'm going to float around the entire day.

Here's a little pic of how the pip squeak is worshipping the sun. I like her way actually, when I finish work I may join her. lol

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