Tuesday, 16 December 2008

My names Rachel and I'm a craftaholic

I have a confession to make... My name is Rachel and I am a craftaholic. I blame my other half for this condition. He wanted a balaclava knitting so in my naivety said that I would knit one for him. That's where all the trouble began and 3 years on I've knit balaclava's, a couple of scarves, mittens, jumpers, cardies and many hats for my sister to give to charity... The list goes on, but I'd run out of space. Now, I've discovered I can crotchet...Oh my word! Now I've crotcheted a bag. I've even contemplated crotcheting a bed-spread... I think I'm going mad as I sit with another project late into the evening racing time to get it finished to feel that buzz and the tremendous sense of achievement that comes with finishing yet another crafty thing. Then I start again.

My current project is a fair-isle pull-over, hope it turns out ok.

My skills aren't limited to knitting, I've even dabbled in making soaps, bath salts, framing dried flowers and jewellery making. I have craft books which I leaf through looking for an idea to keep me occupied for a couple of hours.