Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A neck warmer for the pip

At the weekend I decided that I needed some fresh air and a good ramble across fields and along hedgerows. Me dad would be so proud.

I decided it would be nice to take Pip, so got her ready, with collar, coat and lead and did us a flask of tea (yes I made enough for me and Pip). Off we went on our little ramble or amble.

It was a bit of a blustery day and Pip decided it was far to chilly to continue, so part way round I gave into her protests and leg hugging and walked along a road instead of across my planned route to bring her back home to the warmth.

The walk however showed me that her coat has a gap above the shoulders and so the wind was probably winding its way down and making her cold and therefore complain. She's only a baby whippet so not much meat on the girl so I can forgive her for not liking the cold wind.

So I've knit her a neck warmer which she seems to like, time will tell if she can stand the cold outdoors a bit longer than an hour and a half.

So above is my creation to keep the little miss a bit cosier.

Blessed be.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

And it all ran slightly amock

My apologies for the very long pause between posts, life has been somewhat hectic. Hubby and I have moved to the town where I grew up, where we're renting a little cottage from me par. Since moving I also found a job in London of all places, so life currently consists of a lot of travelling and sleeping and not a lot else. My life does seem to be less fulfilling because I have no time for the stuff I love to do, but there is an unfortunate need for money at the moment.

Anyway, have just put an offer in on a new home and with all luck we will be in by Yule, which means I can resume my pursuit for self-sufficiency with gusto next year. It has a decent size garden and a mammoth greenhouse, so I think I should be able to grow maybe 80% of the food the two of us would be eating. :) I've also been asking family for chickens and their kit as presents. So come next year I should be getting eggs regularly to either cook with or barter with.

I'm already planning a hearth outside for my tripod and cauldron, I hope to be able to cook outside as much as possible during the summer months, just because I like it. Hubby has been told he's going to need to build me 4 raised beds, so that will keep him occupied in his workshop. :)

My plans for my business are there in the background. Mulling away and maturing. This current job means I'm self-employed, but putting it together with my other plans of preserves etc is taking some doing. I start my college course for one element of my portfolio business, the sign-language which will be my security to ensure there is money coming in for bills etc. It will take me 2 to 3 years to get my level three which will put me to a level of earning a respectable income from it.

So although I have been somewhat quiet on the blog front, there have been a lot of changes going on and a lot in my little head to start putting into place to get where I want to be, living a life that I want for myself.