Monday, 17 January 2011

Home made Presents

Now that family members have received their presents I can post the pictures on here without ruining any surprise. I love making presents for people, I love thinking about what they would like and making something individual to that person.

I made these Gothy Gauntlets for my sister. She's not a Goth, but she likes some of the clothes (who doesn't?). I saw a similar idea online so this is my version. I knit the black section, using a mitten pattern but just extended the cuffs, I then crochet'd the red section carefully counting to that I could make both gauntlets as even as possible. To finish off I'd bought some ribbon for something else but thought it would look quite good on these. I was happy with the result and my sister liked them too.

I made this for my sister-in-law. She likes homemade things and she mentioned that she wanted a cardi. So this bolero was born. I do have a pattern for this, but during moving middle of last year, its packed somewhere "safe". So I had to do this from memory. I ran out of the fawn/beige colour just in time to finish the main section of the bolero and then hunted around in my mothers stash of wool for a colour that would match and I found this lovely forest green colour. Again, I think its looks lovely and my sister-in-law thinks its lovely and very warm.

I'm now making another present, so will post once the recipient has received. Its going to be beautiful, but boy is it testing my patience.

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