Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lip Balms

I am being rather experimental at the moment, and saw a recipe in a magazine for making my own lip balms. So I ordered the ingredients and set to.

The recipe came from MakeScents (Issue one) and the ingredients include:

15-17g Cosmetic grade Beeswax
33g Shea Butter
15g Cocoa Butter
33ml Sweet Almond Oil
5ml flavouring oil (mine was honey)

and the result.

10 little 15ml pots of lip balm and some left over which now sits in my fridge waiting for a spare pot to go in. The picture only shows the 5 I have left, the others have been either given as gifts of given in return for a donation.

They smell delicious and taste just as good. I need to buy some more containers and will be experimenting with essential oils to see what I end up with.

Guess what family and friends are getting from now on as gifts. I may look to sell these also but need to check on the insurance and legal gubbins.

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