Sunday, 29 March 2009

I have more little seedlings!

Well time for a little progress update. I have little carrot and purple sprouting broccoli seedlings. Last week I planted out my infant salad bits into the plastic greenhouse and they seem to have survived the cold snap during this last week. So a little bit of success this week. I'm so happy. The cats did behave and didn't trash my salad seedlings whilst they were in the lean-to.

My potato seedlings are beginning to poke their heads through the soil (about 3-5mm at most). The rest of the garden is looking pretty with daffi's and forsythia in bloom. Even my apple and plum trees have nice little buds which will hopefully open out soon.

Alas, not so lucky with the tomato or bean seeds, haven't seen even a whisper of a seedling. Will plant some more this next week so see if I have better luck. Thankfully its not too late to be planting them so here's fingers and toes crossed.

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