Sunday, 15 March 2009

A Gardening update

I thought it time to provide a little update. I've now planted a couple of tomato seeds, carrot seeds (in the tubs in the piccy), potato seedlings, purple sprouting broccoli and broad beans. I'm hoping they'll take, I guess I'll know in the next couple of weeks if they are going to be successful.

My little lettuce seedlings are coming along nicely. I've moved them to the lean-to to start hardening them off for going outside. My cats have shown a little interest in them up but a quick finger point and a firm "No", they've shrugged and gone outside. They have no doubt suitably ignored me and I'll find the whole lot trashed on the floor in the morning. Fingers cross my cats behave, but I think I'm going to be disappointed. Another week in the lean-to and I'll try transplanting them into the plastic greenhouse to mature. Will have to get another batch going so I can try keep in lettuce through the summer.
More updates soon. :)

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