Sunday, 2 August 2009

Garden update

Well, a little update.

The potatoes, well the dry period seemed to kill off the leaves and as such I worried about the potatoes so much I dug them up. I probably got about 4lbs of potatoes in total for planting 3. So not too bad for my first effort. After reading the instructions again, they were about ready. They are quite nice too. I will do some again next year, will try a different method and see if I get better results.

The tomatoes had a severe attack of aphids and not amount of spending the evening squishing them, squirting them with soapy water seems to help the plants. They have survived but I think its a bit late for them to produce flowers to give me some little tomatoes. Maybe next year.

As for the carrots, they are currently being eaten by slugs. Its seems to have been a fantastic year for our dear slimy garden pest. I keep going out and challenging them with vinegar which they really don't like but there are just too many of them. Will buy some slug beer traps next year.

The lettuce on the other hand was another story, I had tons of its, enough for me and the slugs.

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