Friday, 10 April 2009

Progress report

Time for a little update. Everything seems to be going well. I finally have a tomato plant and a bean plant growing. Here's a few pictures to show the progress my little plants are making. I'll soon be able to start cropping at the salady bits.

Here's a picture of my potatoes, they are coming along nicely, though I am a bit worried that I've not quite done it right after seeing some tips on the dreaded flashing box in the corner of the room. If I don't get many potatoes I'll put it down to experience and try the suggestion off the telly.

The single little tomato plant is still a little tiny to photograph properly. I've been offered some plants by a friend at work who have ended up with too many seedlings so my little plant will have company soon. :)

The following pics are provide a general update on how everything is coming along.

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