Saturday, 31 January 2009

Self Sufficient Gardening 31/1/09

Not only am I writing about my craft projects I've decided to blog about my attempts at growing some of my own veg and salady stuff this year, in the hope of saving a little money (and getting a little more exercise) during this difficult financial time. I've bought a small plastic greenhouse with 4 shelves, some grow bags, buckets, compost and the likes. I've also bought a second water butt in the hope that it will provide my garden with the water required.

I'm still in the planning period at the moment as its a bit too early to be planting anything outside but I'd thought I'd provide you with a start with a list of what I'm planning to grow.

Tomatoes - Some freeby ones from a magazine, the variety is called Gardeners Delight, last time I tried tomotoes, I over did the planting and ended up with 30+ plants which were dutifully given to friends and family.

Potatoes - I'm taking on the no-dig suggestion and also planting these in a compost bag. Worth a go!

Courgettes, Peppers (hmmm not sure how successful these will be), Lettuce, Cucumber (maybe, if I have room), Carrots (in pots) and a few herbs of which I'm still deciding.

I already have 2 apple trees and a plum tree and I'm going to try a suggestion I read in a book to see if I can get a better quality of crop from the apple trees and also I'm looking forward to trying to make a thing called fruit leather with the plums (along with my usual Plum jam) as a way of storing the fruit longer. I also have some brambles growing freely down one side of the garden so will be staking these up in the hope of a good crop for bramble jelly (yum). Will get some piccies added in time as I blog through the seasons.

The front garden, I'm hoping to turn into a wild garden area, just need to cut back the current greenery (not grass), rake it over and then sow some wildflower seeds. I know I'm going to have to be patient with this one as I probably won't see a result to this one for a year of so.

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